Why “You’re Looking Cuter than a Baby Pig” is Complimentary

The expression, “Cuter than a baby pig”, may rub some people the wrong way. Should it? It is a phrase of compliment to someone who may be categorized as cute. Cuter than a baby pig is not derogatory but flattering.

The expression can be heard in the song, “Go Somewhere” by Mr. Dickson. He uses it to tell his girlfriend how cute she looks. Possibly, someone may not understand the idea behind cuter than a baby pig. Pigs are known to be filthy, and big-nosed, ugly animals. But here is the kicker…only when they’re older.

Calling a baby pig cute is quite common. However, humans are so busy eating them, they usually associate pigs with ribs and bacon. Mr. Dickson, someone who doesn’t eat pork (this article has nothing to do with his eating habits), is one who recognizes the cuteness in pigs.

People who think baby pigs are cute

  • Gaping-Douche
  • Tangled Flock Farm
  • Baby Love Crochet
  • Homestead.com

“Baby pigs are cuter than puppies and kittens” – This title was posted on Reddit by Gaping-Douche

two years ago. And there are others who agree.

“Baby Pigs vs. Baby Chicks! Which is Cuter? You be the Judge!” – This was a post on YouTube by Tangled Flock Farm in 2022. Based on the comments, it’s anonymous: baby pigs win.

“Is there anything cuter than a baby pig?” – This line was posted by Baby Love Crochet Props on Facebook. It’s obvious. Someone also thinks baby pigs are cute.

“15 Piglets That Are Even Cuter Than Kittens” – A Pinterest post by Homesteading.com.

Throughout the internet, you’ll discover so many other posts related to cute baby pigs. We are even fond of Piglet in Winnie-the-Pooh. Mr. Dickson too believes that baby pigs are cute and he makes it clear in his song, “Go Somewhere”. Listen below, buy here.

Mr. Dickson The Breakup

Baby pigs are adorable, and Mr. Dickson thinks his girlfriend is as well. Because he has a sense of humor, it makes the expression even more acceptable to his girlfriend. She can laugh, knowing that he is being funny and at the same time being sweet. He takes his girlfriend everywhere (around the world perhaps) without embarrassment or worry, as the song, “Go Somewhere” suggests. She knows he is accepting of her look. So, even if she isn’t too excited about being called a baby pig, she knows he means well and can possibly accept the compliment later on.

Pigs are disgusting, never could I call my mate a baby pig

They can be nauseous and have been identified as disgusting. However, a stray cat, rabbit, and dog can be disgusting too. When you take them into your home and clean them up, you can reveal the cuteness that hides. Just because they are dirty, doesn’t mean that they are not cute.

Carmen Electra, Tiffany Haddish, Jennifer Lopez, Hillary Swank, and even Halle Berry were all homeless at one point in their lives. Usually, disgustingness is associated with homelessness. Are they disgusting now? No. They are all cute. And as Mr. Dickson would suggest, “Cuter than a baby pig”.

If my boyfriend tells me that I’m cuter than a baby pig, I will leave him

I’m not certain that leaving someone because they tell you you’re cuter than a baby pig is the right idea, especially after reading this article. As it is known, baby pigs are considered as cute. Just like some girls don’t like flowers, others do. This doesn’t mean that you leave them because they give you flowers because you don’t like them. Maybe warn them first before leaving them.

Mr. Dickson also suggested (in “Go Somewhere”) that his girlfriend doesn’t have to throw on her wig

Mr. Dickson is fine with the natural look of his girlfriend. He likes her hair the way it is. She may be a little uncomfortable, but he isn’t. And that’s how all men should be about a girl that they love.

Now that you understand the line, “You’re looking cuter than a baby pig” by Mr. Dickson in the song, “Go Somewhere” from The Breakup album, you can rest a little easier. He means well. The expression is complimentary. Yes, he may be the first artist ever to tell this to his girlfriend, but maybe it’s necessary. Try it on your girlfriend and let us know in the comments if she slapped you or thanked you.

“You’re looking cuter than a baby pig” isn’t derogatory. It is surely complimentary. Some girls will understand the expression and that’s an awesome feeling to be able to compare your girlfriend to an animal that you think/feel is cute. Be great, and be the best partner you can be!

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