Why Do the Girl of Your Dreams Ghost You?

A perfect breed of beauty and personality, you’ve had the pleasure to date. Did we all have our will have our soul mate at one point in our lives and they have our will vanish in thin air? Your relationship was too perfect for it to end the way that it did. How it ended didn’t make sense. You really have no idea. But why? Why would she ghost you?

She just could’ve been confused. Or she was scared. Never did she believe that she’d meet her soul mate. It was likely so good, she felt it was evil.

Our relationship was magically delicious. But why did she end it without a trace? I have some theories:

  • Fear
  • Non-Believer
  • Guilty

No matter the reason, I’m glad I had the experience.


Too good to be true. Her past relationships may have been horrible. Or perhaps, just too many incompatible elements that she just couldn’t take any longer. A history of consistent relationships that weren’t up to her standards can cause one to lose hope.

So, what would she now look for in a new relationship? Someone who cannot provide all that she desires. She has accepted that her soul mate would never come to pass and has considered that whole dream guy idea a fantasy. So, she alters her life accordingly. And in addition, makes up excuses about life as to why a soul mate doesn’t truly exist.

She then begins to get ideas about soul mates that they are fictitious and only come into your life to destroy you. She likely thinks that God was protecting her that’s why she never had a so-called soul mate. No guy should be perfect, she thinks. She believes that notion and begins to view the world accordingly.

Now when her soul mate comes, she thinks evil has something to do with it. And when she gets a sign that he is the perfect guy for her, she runs the other way thinking she’ll get destroyed by an evil force.

Non – Believer

She doesn’t believe in a perfect guy. She believes that all men are dogs. They will start perfect and then turn out to be a negative force to reckon with. She may have had a perfect relationship to start things off in the past, but it went south from that point. She probably had flashbacks and considered the relationship as what had transpired with other guys she dated.


Maybe her intentions weren’t in line with yours. Maybe she planned to do naughty seductive things, go after your wallet, or just ruin your confidence. And during her attempt, she realized that you were an awesomely good guy who didn’t deserve her devilish deed. The devil’s daughter grew a conscience. Lol!

Could she have just been nice but not interested in you and didn’t know how to tell you that she didn’t want to continue with the relationship?

That is possible. Some girls were raised to be polite and do not have it in them to let a good guy down with her words. The guy could be sweet and she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings by telling him that she isn’t interested or stick around to deal with those sad and depressing feelings.

If you guys had intercourse, maybe she just wanted to be naughty and was finished with you afterward

Some girls think you’re hot in some way and just want to score. She isn’t interested in a serious relationship that could lead to marriage but appears as if she is (breadcrumbing) just to experience that one sensual moment.

It’s tough to deal with a ghost after having such a phenomenal experience with a date. It can make you wonder about yourself. It can make you lose hope in yourself. But there is a reason why they do it. It could be any one of the reasons presented in this article, or not. You may never know because she ghosted you. But it’s ok to have a theory as to why and move on with your life without gaining insecurities.

Scared, a non-believer, guilty, or just a flat-out breadcrumb, there is a reason why a woman ghosts a guy, of course. But having a theory is much better than sinking in your emotions or thinking that it’s your fault.

Whichever one of these possibilities of why she ghosted you makes the most sense to you, it is encouraged to adopt it, stick to it firmly, and move on to someone else. You may be a little hesitant because of the ghost, but keep the faith that another perfect relationship is possible and continue to keep these theories in your memory bank.