Is My Significant Other Trying to Murder Me?

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They were what we longed for at one point but suddenly things changed. We deserve respect, admiration, and whatever we call love. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, especially when there is no hope for what we expect or what we feel is best for us. When you think your significant other is trying to murder you, you better take that thought seriously.

Only a higher being can truly know if your significant other is trying to murder you. However, when the signs point to your true self being refused by someone you love, you just have to know that action isn’t healthy for a human being. It is right out wrong, dangerous, and fatal. 

It feels like someone is trying to murder you when your significant other doesn’t respect you. The hurt in your heart from the lack of their acknowledgment of your revealed true self is continuous. Their neglect causes you to put yourself on hold to visit an ugly, angry person inside of you that you should never know. A person, or should I say a horrible thing that makes decisions on your behalf. 

The more you allow your significant other to disrespect and ignore your true self, the stronger that angry thing gets. Your true self has questions at this point: “Does my significant other love me or just love what I have? Or do they just love what I can provide? The angry thing inside is influencing your true self to alter the direction of your thoughts: “I haven’t killed anyone yet, however I just might”. But your friends and family, who have been with you for years have an influence in your life: “I won’t give up if you don’t”, their instilled voices are whispering inside of your head or perhaps an imprint on your heart. 

Your friends and family are concerned because you haven’t been yourself lately. They are not only talking about you to those you know, but those you don’t as well: “Tell me about her”.  All of the good things about you are reintroduced to the universe and now you’re refreshed. 

Your best bet is to sit down and talk to your significant other about how you feel and what you think about the relationship. Reveal to them where you think the relationship has landed. Go into the talk with a sense of openness and a belief that they will change or that you’ll change. Change takes time. Be patient. 

If you truly love your partner, continue to seek change and opportunities to improve the relationship throughout the progress. If the anger gets too out of control, and you continuously have to control your actions from negative outcomes you’ll eventually convert yourself into a vegetable state, if you do not reach your breaking point first. You are numbing your actions to keep from ruining your life as a violent person. 

It’s time to say goodbye to that partner. They aren’t for you. Although you loved everything about them at one point, ships sink. Even the love boat can sink. The Titanic sank (filled with the world’s wealthiest). You would’ve done anything for them. But do what’s best for you, and for the ones who love you, and who know you and trust you to be that great person you’ve always been. 

What are some examples of someone disrespecting the true you in a relationship?

  • Purposely refusing to laugh at your jokes
  • Not showing any care for your genuine emotions
  • Only providing conversation in accordance with what makes them satisfactory (not you)
  • Knowing what you like and don’t like and intensionally doing or not doing in accordance. Or perhaps not caring enough to be considerate. 
  • Claiming that you’re the problem, when it’s just simply the true you, causing you to redirect your personality to a more fictional approach. While in all,  they are steadily on their same persona path that they’ve always been on. No compromising on their end. 

Is compromising the same as putting a hold on your true self to make a relationship work? 

In order for a relationship to work, likely, it’s best for compromising to take effect. This is a way for someone to be stronger and discover new parts of themselves that they never knew were possible for the sake of making a connection with a mate stronger. However, when those parts of yourself develop, it’s now a part of your true self that you’ve earned. Those parts of you must be respected. 

Is my significant other trying to make our relationship work?

If your significant other is quite the worker-bee regarding the relationship then, likely yes. What are the signs of trying to make a relationship work:  

  • Constantly trying to communicate to find new ways to grow the relationship in a positive manner
  • Putting new relationship-improvement ideas into action (going out more, more cuddling, better with emotional understanding, etc.)
  • Spending more time with a significant other’s family (understanding more about how they grew up) 

Just because your significant other isn’t respecting your true self as you would like it at the moment, they may eventually come around. Sometimes it takes time. This is when you have to be patient. Especially if you love them. 

This article wasn’t literally about a significant other trying to kill you as in poisoning, stabbing, shooting, etc. It was about the disrespect of the true character of a person in a relationship. Sometimes we are in a committed relationship with someone who doesn’t expense the effort to try to understand our true selves better.  This misfortune can cause the partner anger, sadness, and disappointment. In turn, the relationship can go left.  

In the event that our partner doesn’t want to consider our true identity, we have to consider ourselves and the pain behind the constant neglect. What is best for us? Do we want to continue to feel the pain in our hearts that could lead to a worse pain (anger leading to a regrettable action)? We must realize that we are all worthy of recognition and appreciation in a relationship. If our partner isn’t trying to change and be a better fit then we have to make a move away from that individual. 

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