My Soulmate Is My Girlfriend

A woman of attractiveness, love, and personality. I feel as if she is the perfect woman for me. Is it just a honeymoon phase? I believe not. I’m confident she’s my soulmate.

She matches my style and looks, according to people who see us together or see our pictures. Her love is endless and unconditional just like I. She laughs at the same jokes and speaks goofy at times, just like I. It has only been three months, but this has been the best three months of a relationship I’ve ever had in my 40 + years on earth.


She makes up her face or goes natural. I’m in love. She puts on wigs or goes natural. I’m in love. Her style of clothing compliments her overall look, making her body irresistible. I can’t stop staring. I can’t keep my hands off of her. Despite having other attractive women in my life, whether dating or in a committed relationship with, I have never been this memorized by a woman. It is almost surreal.


I love her, she loves me. I love her more, she loves me more. She not only matches my energy but magnifies it. She loves my look and style as well. She finds me irresistible and I know this from proof. The way she looks at me and the way she touches me and holds me in public, I know I have a winning woman on my side.

No matter how many times I mess up, she’s back loving me again. My accusations, my loss of focus on my surroundings while with her, talking wrongfully at times, she forgives. A God-fearing woman, just like I am a God-fearing man, God is in control and she is on board.


We laugh at the most ridiculous videos. We say some of the most ridiculous things, so many awful comments that make no sense but yet we find the humor in it. She is continuously goofy, and so am I. We enjoy our personalities and we can’t get enough of one another.

I could laugh like Goofy from Disney and she’s accepting and loves me right then and there. I can act goofy in public in front of a crowd and she still hugs, holds my hand and kisses me. And I would do the same when it comes to her.

I’m attractive, funny, and loving. I’m also a smarty pants. She is as well, but I’m known to have her back on many matters that may be a little far-fetched for her. She loves that about me. I’m always there for her and I improve her life. She appreciates what I do for her. And I love being her crutch or better yet, her supportive force.

The relationship is new, three months in, but I’ve been satisfied and she has as well. She tells me how much she loves me and she proves it. I am her king and she is my queen. We are compatible and I’m rooting for us to win. I feel like this will be forever. I do not see what can stop us. We have each other, we have God. I’m certain we’ll continue to be soul mate material. We will be more than alright.

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