5 Reasons Why Consumers Don’t Buy An Artist’s Album

A consumer buying an album, or streaming it with a paid membership, doesn’t happen easily. Too many artists have put in tons of work on their albums but aren’t getting paid as they should. Why? Why are consumers neglecting to buy albums or music streaming memberships? The reasons consumers don’t buy an album are just excuses that make no sense once you’ve read this article.

Reasons Consumers Don’t Buy An Album by a Musician

  1. Have to consult with their wife
  2. Don’t have the money
  3. They can listen for free on Youtube
  4. Not interested in the album
  5. Don’t like the artist

What if I told you all of those rejections are ridiculous? They are not good reasons to refuse to buy an album by an artist.

Have to consult with their wife

Do you consult with your wife when you’re buying snicker bars, sodas, and chips throughout the day which likely equals to about $30 a week? No. Think about it. What are all of the things guys buy without consulting with their wives? There are many.

Don’t have the money

The money that they’re looking for is in the album. It’s an investment. It took money to make the album so the artist knows what it takes to acquire money. Each dollar that goes towards the artist gives them more money to continue to build on their career. Being a part of that journey can increase the consumer’s wealth as well.

They Can listen for free on Youtube

Listening to songs on YouTube isn’t supporting the artist financially. In fact, because they aren’t supporting them financially, they are not receiving a high-quality song. Meaning, that the music isn’t clear, crisp, loud, and effective as if you paid for it.

Songs on YouTube are equivalent to a car window that has a bit of fog, snow, or mud on it, blocking your clear view. This can begin to hinder your vision over time, hindering your full potential.

Many consumers have no idea what high-quality music sounds like. When they do finally hear clear and sparkly music, their worlds change for the better, and more opportunities begin to come their way. It’s just the way things are when listening to paid music.

Do you want to settle with a home, car, TV, or shirt that doesn’t totally satisfy you? Or would you rather have the one that can put a smile on your face every day? Typically, it costs Just $10 for an album. It won’t cost an arm and leg.

Not Interested in the album

When giving to charities, we may help someone we are not fond of. Think about it. You give money to an organization and they then take that money and help someone in need. Most of the time, we have no idea who that person is. But we still feel good that we are helping someone in need. Right? If an artist is making an album and putting it on the market, he needs that money. In addition, he could be helping his family or looking to buy the consumer’s favorite restaurant to put in their city.

Don’t like the artist

The manager at a job may or may not like an employee but they have a skill that the employer needs. Either or they believe in them. That’s why they have a job. The CEO may not even know who they are, or dislike them as well.

The artist is a performer who is satisfying people with their skills in their industry and abroad. Supporting the artist is also making someone else happy; a person that the consumer may be fond of. A girlfriend, brother, mom, or friend can like an artist that they “hate”. Someone can benefit from the artist’s songs.

Who knows where the artist’s fans may end up? They may approach a consumer on the side of the road one day, and help them push their car out of a ditch.

How hard do artists work on their albums?

It’s a full-time job like a construction worker, lawyer, or delivery guy. The artist put their blood sweat and tears into their work and they deserve to get paid. They are providing solutions to problems we do not understand. Music is a whole different solution. An artist can be the equivalent of a therapist or a psychologist.

Where to stream music where artists can get paid

Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Pandora, and Apple Music.

5 Reasons Why You Buy an Artist’s Album

  1. Don’t need to consult with wife
  2. Have money to spare
  3. Know the quality difference between free YouTube video and paid YouTube Music streaming
  4. Interested in hearing the entire album in a high-quality format
  5. Wants to support the artist

Consumers can be brutal. But when you cut their reasons short regarding why they aren’t buying your album, what will their excuses be then? From this point, a consumer can just be right out despicable. They just want to be stingy, cheap, and hard to deal with type of people. People like this do exist.

These 5 reasons why consumers do not buy an artist’s music album are typical around the world and should be destroyed with a loudspeaker drowning them out. Artists are hard workers who do not deserve consumers’ continual rejections when it comes to buying their music. Please buy music albums and support all artists on all levels. You can start by buying The Breakup by Mr. Dickson.

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