Releasing Mr. Dickson’s Older Music from 2011 to 2014

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The success of The Breakup album by Mr. Dickson has fans wondering where Mr. Dickson comes from. Is there any older music that he has created that has gotten him to the success that he currently experiences? Mr. Dickson does have older music. And just as much as fans love his newest music, they love his old music as well. Mr. Dickson has been a loved hip-hop artist, producer, and engineer for over two decades.

Mr. Dickson has a catalog of old music that he is considering releasing to the public:

Empty Walls” – 2011

“Slammed Doors” – 2011

Hold Up” – 2012

“December 14th” – 2012

“Pay Day” – 2012

House Romance” – 2013

Lovely Getaway”– 2014

and much, much more.

He has been considering making at least three albums from the amount of older songs he has in his vault.

Although the older music collection dates only back to 2011 here in this article. Mr. Dickson has songs that date back to 2002, when he held his very own studio in Norfolk, Va.

His underground label, All Out Records included about five artists that he worked with who helped him become the artist, producer, and engineer that he is today. Although Mr. Dickson was a different type of artist many years ago (more of an aggressive, competitive approach) he has transformed into more of an advocate of peace, love, and understanding, teaching his listeners about being aware of the many relationship mistakes he has made in the past.

The Breakup album was about many relationships that Mr. Dickson felt were incompatible. He expressed his emotions within, and also how he dealt with certain difficulties to finally end things. Relationships expressed in the album not only included girlfriends but also with just people in general. And in addition, you can say that his breakups also included a past self that he no longer enjoyed. He changed to become a better man. And it was made possible by certain breakups with people throughout his life.

The seven songs listed above all are positively charged songs that people seemed to enjoy:

Empty Walls” – Mr. Dickson talks about a home without decor and sitting there bored needing to either add some style to his home or get out to nature. It does have hidden profound messages throughout. Someone commented that the song reminded him of something that Biggie Smalls would make.

“Slammed Doors” – This one elaborates on when being successful you’ll lose a lot of people in your life and they will slam the door in your face out of envy. The pain felt by a slamming door is the motivation behind this song.

Hold Up” – Is about a breakup with a girl. But in this one, he is trying to get back with the woman.

“December 14th” – Is a song that was created right after the Sandy Hook shooting. It actually expresses concerning emotions about the incident that the world shared after getting the news.

Pay Day” – This is a song about being in a relationship and doing activities on payday. This was one of the most popular songs.

“House Romance” – He expresses that he doesn’t dance in the club. He just meets women to take them back to his home for romancing. Liked by the dance club goer.

“Lovely Getaway” – This is about a getaway in nature and how refreshing it is to be a part of a beautiful scene away from the typical difficulties of life.

Was Mr. Dickson’s older music loved as much as his music on The Breakup album?

Because of Mr. Dickson’s older music, he was able to improve his style and production/engineering skills. Mr. Dickson’s voice was a lot deeper and raspier in his younger years. This voice may be a little offensive to his listeners now. Through earning college degrees, writing books, acting, new intelligent girlfriends, and working in the office setting, Mr. Dickson’s voice became more professional and high-pitched. The improved vocal tone translated over into his latest music.

What place was Mr. Dickson in his life when he made those older songs?

From 2011 – 2014, Mr. Dickson was either studying Recording Arts at Full Sail University or looking for work in a recording studio. Although he had a few tough struggling moments in college, he passed above mediocre. Although he didn’t get a studio job because of 1,000 no’s, he still found work. And Just like not quitting on himself on The Breakup album, and overcoming tough relationship breakups, he didn’t quit on himself in college or with finding a way to earn money.

It’s safe to say that Mr. Dickson was in a place of struggle, but persevered to find relief after the storm eventually.

Does Mr. Dickson have any newer music coming soon?

Depending on how much demand there is for The Breakup album, currently, Mr. Dickson doesn’t have any future music projects in the works. However, if the demand is there, so will Mr. Dickson’s focus on new music.

Mr. Dickson’s, The Breakup album, is said to be an emotional, unique, and and well-constructed album. It is considered Mr. Dickson’s first and only album. However, his older music, which led to the production of the album, includes many head-bopping, emotional, and sharp-witted songs that the same audience of The Breakup album can enjoy. His voice just may sound different. And the lyrics may be from another place in his life. But it is definitely likable content; lovable to some.

Mr. Dickson’s older songs are in a vault but he is considering releasing them. The world should be able to hear the music of the past from such a phenomenal artist, producer, and engineer. If you know anything about music, you can hear in Mr. Dickson’s songs that he definitely has gained some experience from somewhere. When Mr. Dickson’s older songs are released, they will be available at

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