Best Lyrics of the Best Hip-Hop Albums

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Music creation took a new dimension in the 1970s when hip-hop first came into the picture. This genre has transformed since and has had artists we can’t stop gushing about—a reason we all love it. They mostly have the prowess of dropping bars and spitting the most remarkable and memorable lyrics, some of which never seem to leave our heads.

The game of rap has witnessed greats who’ve come and gone, and some still actively rule this space. If you ask who the best of the best is, you’d get a few notable names over and over again for an answer. Suppose you’re a fan of rap, and this art profoundly resonates with you; there are just some lyrics you’d remember deep in your sleep. Here, we’ll single out the best lyrics of the best hip-hop albums.

The Best Hip-Hop Albums

Some hip-hop lyrics speak up to you—they have deeper meanings that resonate with everyone. And although we still get the bad eggs for lyrics in this genre, there’s no denying that most do good to the game. Most hip-hop lyrics are contextual. That is, they define a moment or situation, whether that’s about life, generally, or about someone. The words, woven together, make up for some good listening and touch the deeper depths of the soul.

1. Greatest Hits Album by the Late Tupac Shakur

If you’ve ever thought of listening to hip-hop tracks that deeply resonate with you, Tupac’s songs will quench the thirst. His song, “Changes” from the Album Greatest, sold out far and wide and had a close and profound resonance to systemic racism during the late ’90s. Old-school rap had its grip back in the day, and it’s the reason it still rocks the airwaves today.

2. The Search Album by NF

In his first release of 2019, The Search took over the hip-hop world, and the single “The Search” was the highlight. The lyrics explore the artist’s internal struggles, dealing with fame, anxiety, and self-doubt. He reflects on personal growth, the pressure of success, and the constant search for meaning, delivered with intricate wordplay and introspective themes.

3. Recovery Album by Eminem

Recovery—one of the best studio albums in American history by a mile, sold over a million copies and had most of its singles cruising the billboards for a long time. One track, “Not Afraid,” highlighted the album’s success. The song had the most potent lyrics about not giving up, no matter what, which the vast majority of the hip-hop community has picked as inspiration.

4. Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Album

Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), an album by the American hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, hit the airwaves in 1993. One notable single with lyrics that everyone resonates with today is CREAM (Cash Rules Everything Around Me), whose lyrics vividly depict struggles, moral dilemmas, and the relentless pursuit of success. This phrase—CREAM—had its reincarnation in the explicit Tyga-Iggy Azalea collaboration as “Kream,” emphasizing the need to pursue money continuously and never give up.

Wrapping Up

Hip-hop has consistently been dishing out beauties whose lyrics deeply resonate with us. But more is to come as more underground artists and legendary players spend hours of the day spitting bars in studios.

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