Dating Again After Breaking Up With Someone Who Was Incompatible

Dating (Breakup)

So, after a horrible breakup, and becoming single, Mr. Dickson is back out on the hunt, dating and seeking love again. The hip hop/spoken wordsman who created The spectacular album, The Breakup, wants the world to know that it’s possible to get over a tough relationship and get back to being yourself again. A relationship with someone who is incompatible can spark a lot of bad fire between the two partners. And the remaining burn during the healing process after a breakup can be just as bad as the actual incompatible relationship. But recovering from a bad relationship, and its breakup counterpart isn’t an easy feat but it’s rewarding once you’ve overcome it.

Mr. Dickson has been out on a handful of interesting dates after his breakup with a woman who broke his heart. His decision was to heal his heart and soul first, get his mind together, and then start taking women out on dates. This way, he doesn’t make himself look uninteresting by blanking out on dates with unrelated, haunting past memories. He is able to focus on the beautiful women in front of him to possibly get somewhere new, matrimonial-related.

So, in this article, we will discuss two of Mr. Dickson’s few dates. We will also discuss a little about the incompatibility features of his relationship with one of the women who inspired his work.


No, this is not in relation to ABO incompatibility. This incompatibility reference relates to Mr. Dickson and a woman he dated a few years ago who cheated on him, lied to him continuously, and showed little to no respect. The two never truly saw eye to eye. However, Mr. Dickson handled the mismatch differently than she did, by a long shot.

Mr. Dickson is a really nice man who is loving, respectful, friendly, and funny. Unfortunately, he decided to have a relationship with a woman who wasn’t those things. She had a horrible attitude that would surface quickly. Mr. Dickson’s niceness could not live within her. She couldn’t handle it. She would melt like a marshmallow, and unable to perform as the person she truly came to be. It was a hindrance that she needed to escape.

She claimed to be loving, but only in to face. He later found out that she talked about all of his good qualities behind his back but in a negative way. She had many enemies that stemmed just from her interpretation of situations. And even did something horrible as to why one of her best friends is no longer her friend.

She continuously tried to change Mr. Dickson into a serious, no-play type of guy which was totally against his character. He was never meant to be what she tried to turn him into, and it irritated her. She really wanted to be the boss of the guy who created The Brekup album. We may have never gotten The Breakup Album if Mr. Dickson had died internally and become the typical manly man many of us know very well.


Mr. Dickson is dating and has a couple of new good matches/connections with women. Bad Bunny and Kendall Jennings, Kanye and his new wife, Bianca Censori, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, you know…like fresh celebrity dating, Mr. Dickson is all smiles and laughs at the moment. Mr. Dickson wants a long-lasting, successful relationship similar to Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes’. And with his past dating experience (s), at 41, he feels as if he can make a more intelligent choice for his next relationship.

Date #1

One of Mr. Dickson’s dates was at a coffee shop in Northern, Va. He was a bit nervous but his motivation to start over with a new and improved lady was quite intense. He didn’t know how the date would go but was confident to do the best he could to make the woman happy.

The two had already chatted over the phone to get the basics out of the way: age, interests, family, job, and education. She was very nervous but excited. They both ordered drinks at the counter, and she already clung quite closely to his side as if they were a couple.

Their chat at the table was fluent and fun. She laughed nearly the entire time and talked so much about her life: hobbies, friends, and how she ended up where she currently is in her life. He too was full of interest and laughs. They eventually stayed for about an hour and a half before she had to attend another engagement. They continued to talk and meet for other dates months afterward.

Date #2

Another one of his dates involved an ice cream parlor, and a bowling alley, also in Virginia. It was a two-date night. She didn’t want to leave Mr. Dickson’s side and he too enjoyed her company. She didn’t enjoy the ice cream as much, not her taste, as he would have liked. But they bowled two games in which he accidentally won both times. Lol. She didn’t laugh much, more of a serious and professional girl. Nevertheless, she smiled often and definitely wanted more of Mr. Dickson’s company. If he hadn’t ended the night after the bowling date, she would’ve definitely tagged along for another ride.

Where did Mr. Dickson meet his new dates after he broke up with his girlfriend?

The two dates mentioned in this article, he met them on a dating app. You may have heard of one of the popular Christian dating sites, Upward. They matched, he liked their profile and they liked his. They chatted for a while on the app and later exchanged phone numbers. He asked them out and the rest is history.

Did he make up to break up with his ex-girlfriend?

Nope. Because the woman he dated was incompatible; it wasn’t wise to make up to break up with such a negative woman. Matters could’ve gotten much more toxic. And Mr. Dickson may not have ever gotten away. Or, perhaps, if he did get away, he likely may have broken up in a worse condition than he was in during the breakup that we all know. It was best to leave that woman behind and start building with someone much more compatible.

Dating again after 40

At 40, you are smarter and more experienced; you know the signs. A partner could be just like your incompatible ex. And with signs, you could avoid further dating a person to secure what’s left of your heart.

In addition, a lot of the insecurities should wash away when you’re 40. You definitely should be more confident because it’s nearly imperative to do so to pay the bills. Confidence is a key requirement in a work environment. Many times, that confidence is carried over into the dating world.

Dating again after the breakup with an incompatible woman, Mr. Dickson is having a blast. He went through the ups and downs to gain a sense of freedom, but he didn’t give up and now he is ready to start a new relationship with a new special lady. The fish are in the sea and Mr. Dickson is throwing his line to catch the right fish and reel them in. May the odds be forever in his favor.

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