The Climate is Changing but Mr. Dickson’s Remarkable Music Remains

The sweet sounds of Mr. Dickson’s music through a world of continuous climate change

With hotter temperatures, more severe storms, and a warming and rising ocean, climate change in our world is quite the dangerous concern. As a result, we may be prone to uneasy increases: heat strokes, visuals of flying trees, and threats to our coastal drinking water supplies. But The Breakup album by Mr. Dickson is a consistent flow of satisfaction in the midst of deterioration. Although we have our doubts, Mr. Dickson can provide the relief needed in times of great anxiety. Once you’ve listened to The Breakup album by Mr. Dickson, your negative thoughts and feelings about climate change can perish, at least for the moment, and allow you the freedom from disquietude that we all deserve.

The Breakup album includes 10 touching tracks that will create a sense of happiness and comfort in its listeners. The Breakup album by Mr. Dickson’s Track List:

  1. Bye
  2. I’ve Been There
  3. Lemonade
  4. Forever
  5. Space
  6. Tinted Bentley
  7. Changed
  8. Babe and I
  9. Go Somewhere
  10. G.O.A.T

As the climate changed throughout the years, Mr. Dickson was steadily busy creating positively and emotionally driven music, and in the process, learning Recording Arts at Fullsail University. Although as a people, we may have had fears and discomforts, he continued to perform and produce. Now, today, The Breakup album is alive and well, born on March 13, 2023, and available to the world to listen to on their fancy speakers and headphones.

Listen to the spoken wordsman artist, Mr. Dickson’s The Breakup on all listening platforms:

Paying attention to climate change news, you’ll notice the predictions in the future and what’s happening now. suggests by 2050, the average sea level rise will meet the one-foot mark for most U.S. coastlines, swallowing most of the coastline. In addition, Nasa also suggests that temperature rise can put insects at risk of extinction.

Those are a just couple of our troubles as a people that we must ponder on when it comes to our climate. There is also a danger with animals. Climate change can make the environment unfit for certain animals biology. The extension of dangers due to rising temperatures and sea levels must be controlled in some sought of way. Knowing that something can, is, and will be done is an anxiety killer.

When the state (political community) and corporations seek specific gains that can hurt the environment, we all suffer. Our climate future can be quite darker as these entities seek for more wealth and control as a source of light. Should we be afraid? I believe not, as non-profits such as GreenpeaceCool EarthClimate SolutionsEarth Justice, and Eco America are fighting and winning many climate support battles. Take a browse through any one of these non-profit organizations and discover their mission and the accomplishments they’ve achieved. Never be a stranger to giving these organizations a call.

Enemies and friends of the climate, both claim to taking precautions to the air we breath, our oceans, and the forest, but only a fraction actually care and take necessary, difficult actions to avoid negative climate change. It’s the world that we live in. We can even sit back and do nothing; talk about it; or join a side.

No matter what side you choose, the sounds of Mr. Dickson from The Breakup Album will be available to your ears through Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Youtube Music, and other music streaming services. And a factor you should know is that Mr. Dickson is definitely a supporter of improving our climate and saving our world from environmental danger. Listening to Mr. Dickson’s music can strike a different chord in even the most broken heart. The sound can allow the listener to have a better understanding of the environmental choices that they’re making, feeling balanced and content.

Every song is a work of art. Listeners must pay close attention to every word as it is communicating an important message. It’s quite a humanly piece of work. It’s like food to the soul. And it makes you think. It has the ability to change your thought process for the better while putting you in a space of interpretation and productivity empowerment.

One song in particular that is quite the reference is “Changed”. Its hook (chorus) presents words that symbolize that of someone or something that has changed to a disliking figure and motivational representation to drive the listener to refrain from being disappointed if rejected. Move on and live your life. That’s definitely great advice if the subject is unchangeable.

However, in the verses of the song, “Changed”, you clearly notice that Mr. Dickson is living a better quality of life than the subject. He offers the subject money for college; a car ride, and he provides a ton of life-changing advice. Later on in the album, The Breakup, in the skit, “Babe and I”, it was discovered that Mr. Dickson’s influence on the subject caused them to attend college and earn credits.

The point: don’t give up on the climate. We must continue to fight for the environment’s survival. Save the insects, the animals, the humans, the plants, the sea, the land…save the world.

Who is Mr. Dickson?

Mr. Dickson is a spoken wordsman, artist, producer, and engineer of music. He also wants what is best for our environment. His album, The Breakup is meant to heal those who are going through a tough breakup. He aims to heal the heart and motivate happiness.

Why speak of Mr. Dickson with Climate Change?

Climate change is our challenge as a people. This is what can bring us together. This is our fight, a fight that doesn’t include us battling one another. The Breakup Album is meant to bring new relationships into existence after a difficult past. This is a comparison to those who haven’t yet joined the fight of worldly togetherness toward climate support. This is your new beginning.

Mr. Dickson’s album is positive. Wouldn’t it be nice to say that about our climate?

There are benefits regarding the climate change crisis other than just organizations that are fighting for the cause. Two in particular: 1) plants grow better in high carbon dioxide environments and 2) we experience milder winters.

No and yes, Mr. Dickson’s The Breakup Album can change the climate for the better, or at least slow down the potential dangers of the future. His music can alter the mind, heart, and spirit of its listeners, possibly causing a change in their direction towards well-needed action. However, there is no evidence to conclude this theory to be true. But the belief in such a theory is strong. Some may say The Breakup album doesn’t make a dent, and some, definitely after reading this article, say the album is an answer, a solution that the world needs in order to become a more positive and proactive supporter of climate change.

Although the climate is changing and the future of our environment is heading for some serious concerns, The Breakup album by Mr. Dickson’s sweet tunes continues to spread throughout our world. Could it be a healer to those who aren’t fit to care about our climate as needed? Possibly. But as the world continues to turn, through both good or bad, we can always count on The Breakup album to be there.

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