About Mr. Dickson from The Breakup Album

Songs about a breakup

Age: 41 (2023)

Hometown: Maryland

Education: Fullsail University

Music Background: 20+ years – production, engineering, writing and performing

Net Worth:

Personality: God-driven with a hint of comedy, intelligence, and joy.

The Breakup album started while Mr. Dickson was picking up money during the pandemic as a delivery man for Amazon. He was in a committed relationship with a wealthy woman he thought would be the one. It turned out that she had been two-timing him, and possibly more, based on her attitude and behavior change. He was hurt, and very emotional. He broke up with her; making it work didn’t pan out well.

Upon his recovery from this heartbreak relationship, The Breakup album was in the works. It was in March of 2023 when the album was released and has been getting really good reviews. The Breakup album is available on all major music streaming platforms.

Who produced The Breakup Album by Mr. Dickson? Mr. Dickson is the artist, producer, and engineer behind The Breakup album.

Why am I just hearing about Mr. Dickson? He has been around for 20+ years doing music but never performed live or pushed his music to the extreme. In addition, he has just been trying to find the best sound and content that matches his personality. Sometimes it takes some of us a little longer than others to find our niche.